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Mike Cannon

Comedian and co-host of the Irish Goodbye Podcast
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KATG 2832: Mad World w/ Mike Cannon

Marrying your friend since age 10; steroid use; anger issues; marijuana’s negative effects; the dangers of having children March 21, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Wedding Bells: Mike Cannon, who has known his wife since they were 10 years old, is in studio
  • — Bigger and Better: Mike talks about his steroid use and his almost non-functioning liver
  • — No Heckling: Sometimes Mike has to physically fight his audience and bookers
  • — Science Based: The gang discusses the negative effects of marijuana
  • — The World I Know: Keith explains the dangers of having children in the form of rape and gun stories


Mike CannonMike Cannon


Mike's wrist tattoo
Mike's wrist tattoo
Mike DeStefano, RIP
Mike DeStefano, RIP
Jeffrey Camacho, Bronx cabby shot 7 times
Jeffrey Camacho, Bronx cabby shot 7 times

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