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Sara Faith Alterman

Author of My 15 Minutes and Tears of a Class Clown.
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Hang 75: Brofessional Handball

Myq hangs out with Sara Faith Alterman and Christian Polanco on the KATG Network July 8, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — The Coldest Open: Myq welcomes his guests Christian Polanco and Sara Faith Alterman to the show
  • — In Hahvahd Yahd: Myq and Sara talk about a parking mishap Myq made when they used to date in Boston
  • — Hand Me Downs: Christian's older brother is a professional handball player and the oldest son of an immigrant family; Christian sometimes finds himself trying to escape his brother's gigantic shadow
  • — Field Research: Sara is a published author, whose second book — about a depressed comedian — came out while she was still dating Myq, which leads to a discussion about dating comedians
  • — Billions Of Women: Myq offers some choice dating tips to his listeners, like be yourself (especially if yourself is Myq Kaplan)
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