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Damien Lemon

Comedian best known for appearing in MTV's Guy Code and in the film The Amazing Spider-Man.
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Hang 78: Nobody Wins

Myq hangs out with Jay Nog and Damien Lemon on the KATG Network July 18, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — What Is Going On And/Or Cracking: Myq welcomes his guests Damien Lemon and Jay Nog to the show
  • — Kickstarted: Jay and his partner Dan Hirshon reached their goal for their animation project Heromakers, making him the first person Damien has every met who has found success using Kickstarter (and Myq is the second)
  • — Paradigms Shift: The gang talks about the difference between high school and college and the difference between high school now and high school then (the then being very fluid and subjective)
  • — It's A Comedy Podcast, I Swear: The gang laments the relative lack of meaningful connection in adult life and the fact that good friends from high school (and even college) seem to fall by the wayside
  • — That's Why They Call It High School: Neither Damien nor Myq attended their high school reunions; Jay attended his and got offered cocaine and subsequently mistaken for 'the coke guy'; this leads to a discussion of the gang's drug habits
  • — Nobody Wins This Conversation: Damien doesn't see stand-up in general as a competition, but Jay argues that there's definitely a competitive edge to it
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