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Adam Conover

Creator and star of truTV's Adam Ruins Everything.
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KATG 2754: Louis Ruins Everything

with Adam Conover – Adam Ruins Everything; self-motivation and family; Twitter’s extended character limit; war video games vs. Army training; The New York Times outs sexual predator Louis C.K., and Louis responds November 12, 2017

Show Notes

  • — He’s Ruining Everything: Adam Conover, the creator and star of Adam Ruins Everything, is in studio
  • — I’m Just A BCC: Keith reads the most recent military quotes from his dad and realizes why he’s receiving them. The gang discusses in-laws’ lines of questioning and topics of conversation.
  • — Tweeeeeeet: Twitter’s character limit doubled from 140 characters to 280
  • — Shoot The Red Barrel: Keith compares war video games to his actual Army training
  • — FU-C.K.: The gang discusses The New York Times article outing Louis C.K. as a sexual assaulter, from his victims’ claims and his strange behind-the-scenes apologies to his public denials calling these women liars and his specifically worded public statement accepting blame. They talk about the state of the entertainment industry and the world at large with regards to sexual assault.


Adam ConoverAdam Conover

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