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Graham Smith

Frontman of the band Kleenex Girl Wonder and host of the News Whore podcast.
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KATG 1818: News Whore

with Mandy Stadtmiller and Graham Smith July 25, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Great Story, Right?: Mandy Stadtmiller and Graham Smith, hosts of the News Whore podcast, are in studio
  • — Not Sexually Transactional: Mandy has made moves on Graham, but Graham wasn't into it (just as he's not into most sexual things)
  • — Should I Sleep With Victor?: Chemda and Mandy talk about the first time they met
  • — Point/Counterpoint: Mandy went to a sex club twice — once when she was inebriated, and once when she was sober
  • — It Happened To Me: Mandy is the deputy editor of XO Jane, a website Chemda wrote an article for
  • — Secret Dog Patrol: Mandy is working on obtaining her P.I. license, but she's busy singing to her dog
  • — Tampon, Turned Off: Mandy had a tampon lost inside her body for 2 weeks
  • — Cents And Sensibility: Jane Austen is now on England's 10-pound bank note

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