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Adira Amram

ECNY-award winning musical comedian and frontwoman of Adira Amram and The Experience.
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KATG 1822: Whistle While You Work

with Adira Amram July 31, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — How Pregnant Are You?: Adira Amram, who is pregnant, is in studio
  • — Double Teamed: Adira talks about the ins and outs of pregnant sex
  • — Burn Brighter: The children of firefighters who died of 9/11-related complications are not eligible to automatically become firefighters because their parents weren't heroic enough
  • — A school in Arkansas is paying its teachers $1,100 to undergo firearms training in response to the Sandy Hook massacre
  • — BLLSHT: The New York DMV has released a list of vanity license plates that are unacceptable
  • — Seems Fair: Bradley Manning, the US Army private who leaked 700,000 classified documents to Julian Assange, has received 136 years in prison; meanwhile, a man who raped his 3 children to produce 6 grandchildren received 50 years
  • — The Camelblower: Saudi court has sentenced a blogger to 7 years in prison and 600 lashes for speaking out against Islam
  • — Get Out: Detroit has become the largest city to file for bankruptcy
  • — Worth It: A college student who was forgotten in a cell for 5 days is awarded $4,100,000
  • — But It Has A Great Beat!: A rapper has been found guilty for murder committed in 2007 after his lyrics implicated him in the crime
  • — Stricter Roller Coaster Control Laws: A woman died after falling out of a Six Flags roller coaster in Texas


Adira AmramAdira Amram

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