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Larry XL

Comedian and journalist who wrote about KATG for Philadelphia Gay News
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KATG 1825: Gender Bender

with Larry XL August 6, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Conflict Of Interest: Larry XL, who wrote a piece about KATG for Philadelphia Gay News, is in studio
  • — Behind Enemy Lines: Larry isn't gay, despite the fact that he writes for a gay-centric publication
  • — Large Larry: Larry's real name is Larry Nichols, but he goes by Larry XL because of how large he is (but he can still stick his whole penis into his new lady friend)
  • — My Teeth Are Wood Too: Larry doesn't see what the big deal about Anthony Weiner exposing himself is, and Sydney Leathers has just released her first porn movie
  • — Another New Dawn: The ABC news producer who declared that he would henceforth be known as a woman has decided that he's actually all man
  • — What A Bitch: Keith discovers that Hugsy Malone is actually female
  • — Boo! Hiss!: A python escaped its cage in a pet shop, slithered up to an apartment above the shop, and killed 2 children


Larry XLLarry XL

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