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Kunal Arora

Comedian who appeared in the Laughing Skull competition and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival
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KATG 1831: Is This Couch Taken?

with Kunal Arora August 14, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Open Door Policy: Kunal Arora, who is homeless after being evicted for not paying rent, is in studio
  • — Couchabunga: Kunal now couch-surfs and records his experiences, despite his mother living in his city of New York
  • — Daddy Issues!: Kunal's girlfriend has a child, but Kunal insists that his couch-surfing isn't an issue, even with occupational hazards such as bedbugs
  • — Bitter Drunk: Kunal hasn't had a drink in over 200 days and hasn't smoked since November 2012
  • — Science: 74% of listeners believe that dolphins are in fact so fuckin' smart, and 63% believe that the latest troubling situation is an issue for more discussion
  • — Happy N-ing: The court case over Paula Deen's racism has been thrown out of court
  • — Defend This House: Hugh Douglas has been fired from his job hosting Numbers Never Lie on ESPN for calling his co-host racial slurs
  • — Pushing It: Kunal believes that if a person says something racist online but then goes and does nice things for people in real life than he or she isn't really a bad person


Kunal AroraKunal Arora

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