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Joyelle Nicole

Comedian best known for opening for Dave Chappelle.
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KATG 1877: A Bowld Move

with Joyelle Nicole November 14, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Oops: Joyelle Nicole, whose romantic WWE date didn’t end up as planned, is in studio
  • — What's The Deal?: Larry David is not a fan of the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account
  • — Cracking Up: Freebasing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford bragged about eating his wife's pussy during a press conference
  • — Firestarter: A stripper lit her apartment on fire in a fit of rage after not being able to find her cell phone
  • — Roommaced: Joyelle is homeless after her roommate made her life hell, culminating with her urinating in bowls and him macing her in the face
  • — You're Still A Rookie, I'll Kill You: A player for the Miami Dolphins quit amid bullying allegations
  • — Unfriendly Ribbing: The Internet is up in arms about how unappetizing the McRib looks before it’s cooked
  • — A Star Is Porn: Jenna Jameson is getting back into pornography
  • — Eyesore: California is trying to pass a law that would require porn actors to wear goggles during filming
  • — Rawsuit: A Chinese man successfully sued his wife for not telling him that she had undergone plastic surgery before they met which resulted in ugly babies
  • — Man's Best Meal: A man stranded in the Canadian wilderness for 3 months ate his dog after just 3 days of being lost

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