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Calise Hawkins

Comedian who has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Nick Jr.'s Nick Mom Night Out.
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KATG 1931: City of Angels

with Calise Hawkins February 26, 2014

Show Notes

  • — DICK!: Calise Hawkins, going for the long shot while playing Lick My, Suck My, is in studio
  • — Red Toothbrush: Keith and his wife Cathryn will have their marriage tested by the government tomorrow when Cat applies for her Green Card
  • — Shine On: Calise and her homeless couch-surfing boyfriend Kunal Arora have broken up because Calise is a beautiful bright light whose shine he couldn’t take
  • — Nonfiction: Calise explains how night terrors are aliens coming into our sleep to fix us, as explained in the bible. Also, water gives people cancer.
  • — Useless Betty: Calise discusses her early brushes with comedy and shares the first joke she ever told
  • — Smoked Out: Calise is quitting drinking for her birthday, which is shortly after she tried getting addicted to cigarettes
  • — Good Girl: Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have called off their 9-year marriage probably due to Robin’s habit of fingering the asshole of every woman he takes a picture with
  • — Life Is The Worst Dad: Justin Bieber has always been a terrible little asshole as evidenced by his documentary ‘Never Say Never’
  • — This Is America: 76% of KATG’s listeners think the junior high school teacher who sexted his 13-year-old student should be in jail; Calise, who was raped at 15, isn’t as convinced

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