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Mike Drucker

Emmy-nominated comedian and writer for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
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KATG 1841: It Seems the Tired Way

with Mike Drucker August 29, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — I'll Do The Promoting: Mike Drucker, who is a very very funny man and a 'not very good' writer, is in studio
  • — What Jimmy Wants, Jimmy Gets: Mike, a writer for Jimmy Fallon, weighs in on what will happen when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon becomes The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  • — The Prestige: Mike was an intern for Saturday Night Live, and he explains all the ins and outs
  • — American Parlance: Michael wrote for Nintendo, westernizing dialogue and removing shots of girls' panties in video games for children
  • — The Database: Mike discusses NBC's heartbreaking process of hiring actors and actresses
  • — Long Live The King: Burger King has debuted a delicacy: a regular hamburger with 4 french fries on it
  • — Too Commercialized: Anthony Weiner's new campaign commercial featured Weiner employees posing as average Joes
  • — Oral History: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are no longer the power couple we fell in love with
  • — Feelin' Kinda Blue: Chris Brown has now affiliated himself with the Blood gang
  • — Free(base) Agent: Lamar Odom, the basketball player and husband of Khloe Kardashian, is addicted to crack
  • — Mother Of The Year: A woman gave birth in a bar's bathroom and then drowned the baby in a toilet tank
  • — Joe Gone Wild: Joe Francis, of Girls Gone Wild fame, has been sentenced to 270 days in jail after taking 3 girls to his place against their will


Mike DruckerMike Drucker

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