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Kate Flannery

Comedian, actress and singer best known for playing Meredith Palmer on The Office.
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KATG 1847: Face Off

with Kate Flannery September 17, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Live From Scranton: Kate Flannery, best known for playing The Drunk from The Office, is in studio
  • — Double Threat: Kate worked as a waitress while filming the first season of The Office
  • — Attention Whore-ette's: Danny Hatch discusses the separate conundrums of his mother now having access to his podcast and his realization that he might have Tourette's
  • — Into The Wild: Keith and Chemda discuss their recent camping trip
  • — This Week In Football: High school football players are dying from hard hits, as are the Steelers' chance of winning the Superbowl
  • — Humblebag: Men with smaller testicles have been found to be better fathers than their large-beaned counterparts
  • — 50 Is The New 50: Kate is turning 50 next year, but will never resort to getting plastic surgery
  • — Cultural Catholic: Kate was raised Catholic and will still attend Mass when she's visiting family
  • — I Gotta Be Me: Only one person voted NO on KATG's recent poll of whether or not gay marriage should be legalized
  • — Boom, Gotcha: Kate is 3 minutes younger than her twin sister; was a talent scout on the 'waiting in line' show Last Comic Standing; and is on record as saying she has a role in Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place
  • — Safesearch Off: A recent study analyzed the porn-searching trends in different regions of the United States
  • — Hi, I'm The One: Bill from Nebraska, known on the forums as WSEIII, calls in to explain why he voted NO in the gay marriage poll. Bill discusses his porn-watching habits; love life; disabilities; relationship with his mother; favorite foods; and the time he stuck a toilet paper dildo up his butt


Kate FlanneryKate Flannery

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