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Darron Cardosa

Blogger, author, and waiter who founded the blog The Bitchy Waiter.
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KATG 2363: Server Maintenance

with Darron Cardosa and Sydnee Washington – The Bitchy Waiter’s identity; waiting on you; KATG polls: Newsy’s graffiti, Sublet Spy, and electronic voting; political candidates in NYC; the Burger King Gas Leak Prank; paying on dates April 12, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Justice Is Served: Darron Cardosa and Sydnee Washington, a couple of bitchy waiters, are in studio
  • — Social Media Contract: Darron, who used to only be known as The Bitchy Waiter, has gone public with his identity because of his new book, but he still works at the same restaurant
  • — Country Style: Keith, Darron, and Sydnee bond over their shared waiter experiences
  • — Oh Poll-ease: 79% of KATG’s audience think Newsy’s graffiti is wrong. 50% didn’t get it when Ari Teman explained his anti-Airbnb service. 9,999 people believe electronic voting is a good idea.
  • — The F U Train: Ahead of the New York primary, the 2016 Presidential candidates have descended upon NYC. Chemda details some of her subway vigilante escapades. Donald Trump’s kids didn’t register to vote in time.
  • — Have It Your Way: Multiple Burger Kings across the nation have fallen victim to a fake gas leak prank that compelled managers and employees to destroy all the windows in the restaurants
  • — Check Spot: Unlike her friend and web series co-host Marie Faustin, Sydnee has been known to pay for dates

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