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Maria Heinegg

Comedian and writer best known for her contributions to The Huffington Post. Host of the podcast The Worst Thing.
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KATG 2626: Sleepy Hollow

With Maria Heinegg – Soberish living; dry counties; Johnny Depp vs. his management team; Maria’s dead brother; disrespecting a country’s name; endometriosis; man leaves dildos in bookstore’s religious section; police dispatcher falls asleep during calls May 8, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Tellin’ It Like It Is: Maria Heinegg, who used to be sober but is over it now, is in studio
  • — Dry Drunk: The town of Tiny Whiteclay is becoming a dry county because of high alcoholism rates at the local Indian reservation
  • — Wine Is An Investment: Johnny Depp is suing his money management company for negligence, while the management team finds his insane spending and accusations laughable
  • — The Worst Thing: Maria hosts a podcast called The Worst Thing where she talks to comedians about the worst thing that has happened to them. Maria talks about her dead brother.
  • — Mispronounced: Why do countries change the spelling and pronunciation of other countries?
  • — 100% Blood Loss: Maria suffers from endometriosis and had to get her vagina surgically patched up
  • — The Funniest Person Alive: Nelson Webb Lentz, a frisky 71-year-old, was caught on camera leaving dildos in the religious section of a bookstore
  • — Snoozin’ For A Bruisin’: Jasmin Thomas, a Cleveland police dispatcher, was caught sleeping on the job and dozed off during at least 2 emergency calls


Maria HeineggMaria Heinegg

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