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J-L Cauvin

Comedian known for his podcast Righteous Prick and his web series Louis C.K.'s Comedy Academy.
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KATG 1861: First Impressions

with J-L Cauvin October 18, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Coq Au Vin: J-L Cauvin, who doesn't know his own name, is in studio
  • — Rise And Refresh: The gang discusses a list of the most-checked iPhone apps first thing in the morning
  • — Freakishly Tall: J-L is 6'7 tall
  • — J-L Cauvin Does The Classics: J-L has spot-on impressions of Louis C.K., Barack Obama, and George Lopez
  • — Household Name: The gang discusses the fame complex and ponder whether or not Louis C.K. is overrated
  • — Aborted Love: J-L was engaged, but the engagement was broken off because his ex-fiancĂ©e is 'a horrible human being'
  • — The Long Game: The size of J-L's penis is directly correlated to how in or out-of-shape he's in
  • — They're Taking Our Jobs!: Elliott Sailors, a model, couldn't find enough work as a female so she now dresses up and works as a male model
  • — A Case Of The Mondays: 88% of people get the Sunday Night Blues
  • — Closing Arguments: J-L used to be an assistant DA, and Keith shows off his lawyer skills


J-L CauvinJ-L Cauvin

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