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Danny Solomon

Comedian and writer for truTV's Upload with Shaquille O'Neal.
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KATG 1871: Song of Solomon

with Danny Solomon and Natalie Jane November 5, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Game Over: Danny Solomon, who once performed stand-up in front of a chorus of mean arcade games, is in studio
  • — Shaq.0: Danny writes for a clip show starring Shaquille O'Neal
  • — Like A Really Shitty Jim: Danny worked in the same office where Natalie was a receptionist, and he was mean to her. Then they fell in love.
  • — Lucky Number 17: Keith counted the number of shots he and Katharine Heller took while recording My Name is Keith. He also noticed Katharine’s “drinking technique.”
  • — This Year's Model: The gang discusses what to do when you run into your current love’s former flame, and Danny and Natalie talk about how many people they've slept with
  • — Gotcha: A Georgia man named Danny Solomon was recently charged with kidnapping, sexual battery, impersonating a police officer, burglary of a dwelling, and kidnapping
  • — Fare's Fare: A cab driver laughed at Chemda for not knowing who the candidates for mayor were, but he didn’t know either
  • — Speaking Of Mayors: Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, finally admitted to using crack cocaine
  • — The Couple That Fights Together…: The gang discuss fights in their relationships
  • — How Many Goal Units Did They Achieve?: Football Wednesday is covered early as Keith and Danny discuss the perfect and imperfect season

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