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KATG 2974: Jewish Klansman w/ Alex Edelman

Voting; bacon vs. cocaine; (not) taking OTC medication; Yoko Ono's music(?); actor Todd LaTourrette cut off his own arm; Alex, a Jew, attended a white supremacist meeting November 7, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Qualified: Alex Edelman is in studio discussing the midterm elections and why he thinks only Oprah Winfrey could defeat Donald Trump in 2020
  • — Mobility Scooters: Semi-kosher Alex has never tasted the sinfulness of bacon, though he's had no problems sampling cocaine multiple times. He discusses how Midwestern audiences respond to his Jewishness.
  • — Growth: Alex is in a healthy relationship with another comedian, and the gang discusses the self-care differences between men and women
  • — Oh No: The gang listens to some of Yoko Ono’s newest “music” and contemplates... why?
  • — Victim: Actor Todd LaTourrette has publicly stated that he deliberately cut off his own arm while he was off his medication for bipolar disorder, as opposed to his previous story that said he lost his arm in war


Alex EdelmanAlex Edelman

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