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Judy Gold

The first comedian Keith ever saw in NYC; has performed on Conan and is the host of the podcast Kill Me Now.
Judy Gold has been on 3 shows

KATG 2994: Call-Out Culture w/ Judy Gold

Judy vs. Donald Trump; Judy's love life; comedians' wages; Chemda's landlord; Louis C.K.'s return and his hecklers; Neil deGrasse Tyson's 4th sexual assault allegation; Kevin Hart steps down from hosting Oscars 2019; Lena Dunham admits she lied while defending an accused rapist; how to handle liars; a listener's robotripping experience December 10, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Piece Of Garbage: We have Judy Gold in studio losing her mind over how stupid, racist, and sexist Donald Trump is
  • — Women Are Annoying: Judy vents about her fights with her partner Elysa
  • — Pennies Earned: Judy recently headlined a club, and they charged her for her drink. The gang discusses how little comedians are paid.
  • — Handcuffs: Judy brought her friend Airam to the recording, who used to be a lieutenant and is now Chemda’s landlord
  • — Cumback Tour: Judy gives her opinions on Louis C.K.’s return to stand-up, and the gang discusses Comedy Cellar audience member Klaire Randall heckling Louis and telling him to take out his dick
  • — Bill Nye Is Thrilled: A 4th woman has come out and accused astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson of gross sexual misconduct
  • — Progress Not Perfection: Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the 2019 Oscars because he refused to apologize for homophobic tweets from his past, although soon after he apologized for his past actions just the same
  • — Believe Women: Lena Dunham issued an apology for defending Girls' writer Murray Miller and smearing the reputation of victim Aurora Perrineau, who accused Miller of raping her. Dunham admits she lied when she said that she had, insider knowledge that exonerated him.
  • — Horrible Liars: The gang discusses how to handle kids when they are easily caught lying and how to punish adult deceivers
  • — Just Smoke Pot!: The gang discusses listener O’Ryan’s story about his experience robotripping


Judy GoldJudy Gold

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