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Subhah Agarwal

Comedian and writer for The Jim Jefferies Show
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KATG 2877: Crab Walk w/ Subhah Agarwal

The L.A. Grind; social anxiety and fan interactions; smelly plane passenger induces mass vomiting; contracting Chlamydia; The Jim Jefferies Show and working in writers rooms June 6, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Begrudgingly From Los Angeles: Subhah Agarwal, who lives in L.A., is in studio to tell us how much she hates it
  • — Fun At Parties: Subhah has social anxiety, and she and the gang discuss interacting with fans after shows and in public
  • — Emergency Landing: A Transavia Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing because one of the passengers smelled so terrible that other passengers were vomiting
  • — Woman In The Mirror: Subhah has sworn off dating for now after contracting Chlamydia from a casual sexual encounter. She discusses the incident and her dating life in general.
  • — Are Your Parents Proud: Subhah works as a writer for The Jim Jefferies Show, and she explains the process of working in writers rooms


Subhah Agarwal
Subhah Agarwal

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