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Hari Kondabolu

Comic who's been seen on Conan, John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, and his own Comedy Central Presents half-hour.
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KATG 1928: Man on the Street

with Hari Kondabolu February 19, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Hurry: Hari Kondabolu, whose name Keith almost pronounced right, is in studio
  • — Not The Only Indian There: Hari went to a high school that was for ‘people who are too smart for school,’ where he started doing stand-up
  • — Easy: Keith and Chemda went to Staples for new chairs and left the clerk in utter confusion
  • — Devil’s Advocate: A Navy Petty Officer Second Class (who doesn’t know how to swim) calls in to complain about the forums and how tone can’t be heard behind people’s posts
  • — You Fucked Up: 89-year-old Elaine Stritch dropped the F-bomb live on The Today Show
  • — #YouFeelMeJunior?: The newly-engaged Charlie Sheen is still insane after all these years, leading Ashton Kutcher to publicly call him out on television
  • — Be Cool, Ashley: Ashley Madison, a website that helps users manage affairs, publicizes which NYC neighborhoods house the majority of their clients
  • — Insert Digits, Minimum: The gang discusses exes, marriage, and the proper etiquette for bringing a date to a wedding
  • — I Was Just So Mean To Her: The chef at Keith and Cat’s favorite restaurant had an interesting way of proposing to his wife, and Keith shares more tales from the finest dollar-oyster joint in town
  • — We’re #3!: The United States is slowly but surely climbing the ranks of the 2014 Winter Olympics
  • — There’s An App For That: It is now legal in 3 states to gamble with real money on casino apps

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