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Dante Nero

Former stripper and pimp, current comedian and host of The Beige Phillip podcast
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KATG 3011: Burn Your Hat w/ Dante Nero

Chemda re-discovers porn, thanks porn star; semen to solve back pain; March for Life vs. Indigenous Peoples March; white supremacists trick celebrities to record racist messages; Dante's sex moves; proposing on Ambien; Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys January 20, 2019

Show Notes

  • — A Lot Of Butt Sex: We have Dante Nero in studio trying to understand Chemda’s re-entrance into porn and her thank you note to porn star Allie James
  • — Squish Mitten: 51% of listeners voted that Chemda’s sex terms are oddly graphic
  • — H.W.C.: A 33-year-old Irishman injected his own semen into his back 18 times to try and remedy back pain
  • — Be Simple: A crowd of teenagers from a Catholic school in Kentucky, while on a school trip for March for Life, surrounded a Native American elder and veteran as they mocked him after the Indigenous Peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial shouting, Build! The! Wall!
  • — Read The Fine Print: A group of white supremacist YouTubers used the app Cameo to trick celebrities into making videos of themselves endorsing antisemitic groups using coded terminology, such as Brett Favre, Andy Dick and Soulja Boy
  • — The Vortex: Dante explains his sex moves to Chemda
  • — Trickster: An unidentified man posted on Reddit that he accidentally proposed to his girlfriend while on Ambien
  • — Race Pimp: Dante discusses his history with the Proud Boys and the recent controversy surrounding their leader Gavin McInnes


Dante NeroDante Nero

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