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Sean Tucker

Former pastor and excellent documentarian who helped out with filming and photographing during KATG Week.
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KATG 2176: Out of Africa

with Sean Tucker – Marrying an on-again, off-again girlfriend; in-laws that hate you; mental health; Mother’s Day and politics; Hugsy Malone’s birthday; John Leguizamo vs. Keith Malley; Bret Michaels vs. Keith Malley; Would you rather be blind or deaf?; pills; Tom Brady absolutely had footballs deflated; anchorperson calls it a ‘food fuck’ May 11, 2015

Show Notes

  • — This Surprised Me: Sean Tucker, an excellent photographer who recently got married to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, is in studio
  • — Lauren and Chemda’s wedding pictures are now online
  • — Codependent No More?: Sean discusses his and his wife Sarah’s road to marriage, including struggles with the Church, mental health, and Sean’s in-laws
  • — KATG Documentary Films: Sean completed a 7-part documentary about Keith and The Girl, and you’ll see it in the new KATG Video feed
  • — This Week In Politics: Hillary Clinton’s Facebook page asked people to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and it rubbed Keith the wrong way. Sean outlines the differences in election campaigning between the United States and the United Kingdom. Chris Christie spent $82,594 of taxpayer money on food at MetLife Stadium in one football season.
  • — #TerribleTwos: Hugsy Malone celebrated Mother’s Day and her second birthday in style
  • — Sheepish: Keith and Chemda saw John Leguizamo give a history lesson at The Creek and The Cave, where Keith became his go-to answer man
  • — Buyer Beware: Bret Michaels’ ‘new’ solo album is comprised of previously released songs, per usual
  • — Wish Granted: Chemda would rather be blind than deaf, despite being a musician and a podcaster
  • — The Doctor Is In: Keith helps his pals Danny and JessNYC out with their depression and allergies. 52% of KATG’s audience has a mental illness. 12.5% has deliberately drank urine, à la Jim Norton.
  • — #Deflategate: Angry texts about Tom Brady between the people responsible for deflating his balls have leaked
  • — High Five Yourself: A Fox anchor accidentally said ‘fuck’ on live television, and his co-anchor was no help at all


Sean TuckerSean Tucker

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