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Comedian and Columbia graduate who doesn't let cerebral palsy get her down.
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KATG 2374: Greg 2016

with Anthony DeVito and Katy Olson – The diploma frame conspiracy; Hillary Clinton has Bernie Sanders’ Facebook groups deleted; Keith responds to an angry listener upset about his politics; man robs $7,000 and a monkey from his wife to pay a prostitute; plaintiffs suing Ashley Madison must go public; ex-fiancée cancels wedding but demands to keep $30,000 engagement ring; Keith and Street Fair Season; PA state rep. hires actors at polling stations; female Ted Cruz lookalike performs porn; OK Cupid matched Katy with the Cannibal Cop April 27, 2016

Show Notes

  • — This Is Awkward: Anthony DeVito and Katy Olson, one of whom definitely lost the World Comedy Laugh Off to Keith, are in studio
  • — Business Time: Katy, a graduate of Columbia University, discusses the diploma frame racket
  • — Lesser Of Two Evils: 80% of KATG’s audience would vote Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for POTUS. The gang discusses the latest instance of Hillary Clinton’s sabotage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.
  • — Greg The Gerkoff: One of the KATG listeners writes Keith to say he is extremely upset about KATG’s political talk
  • — Monkey Business: A man who co-owned a pet store with his wife stole $7,000 and a monkey from his own shop to pay a prostitute
  • — Cheaters Never Prosper: The 42 plaintiffs suing Ashley Madison for exposing their personal information must publicly use their real names in the suit
  • — Love Wins: A man is suing his ex-fiancée for the return of his $30,000 ring after she called off their engagement
  • — The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Keith discusses the start of another street fair season and his latest underwear haul
  • — Politics As Usual: A Pennsylvania state representative up for reelection paid acting extras to pretend they're his supporters at polling places. A woman who looks like Ted Cruz accepted a $10,000 offer to do porn.
  • — Dinner Date: Katy, whose mother used to date a serial killer, quit OK Cupid after she was matched with Gilberto Valle, aka the Cannibal Cop

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