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Minister, wedding planner, and Lauren Hennessy's father.
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KATG 2540: Ron Winckler Says Hello

with Ron Winckler – Marc Maron’s KATG shout-outs and old studio reminiscing; Keith’s wife and Forbes’ 30 Under 30; 2016 deaths; Keith visits Australia and Spooky; Chemda’s father-in-law’s views on Hennessy’s transitioning January 3, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Music To Our Ears: It’s 2017 and Keith and Chemda are back in studio together
  • — People Listen To This?: Marc Maron and his producer Brendan gave KATG a nice shout-out on one of his live WTF episodes. Listen to Marc’s KATG interviews and James Adomian’s take on Marc at
  • — She’s A Go-Getter: Keith’s wife Cathryn almost made Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30 list, but she just turned 30
  • — Freedom: George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Carrie’s mom Debbie Reynolds, and Alan Thicke are the latest and last to join the 2016 dead celebrities club
  • — Royal Flush: Keith recaps his holiday jaunt to Australia, where the toilets are trippy, the Christmases are never white, and the mates call themselves mate. While out to lunch, Keith’s mother-in-law noticed Keith wasn’t wearing his ring, which he lost months ago without telling Cathryn. Also, a bird landed on Keith’s dick.
  • — Frogs Is Her Whole Life: Keith met up with old-school pal Spooky, who now lives in Australia with a big-deal amphibian scientist. Keith also visited a bunch of animals, who underwhelmed him.
  • — The Son Also Rises: After flying in from Maui to take care of Chemda when she got sick, Chemda’s father-in-law Ron Winckler joins the show to discuss reclining airplane seats, his evolving religious beliefs, and accepting his son’s transgender identity


Ron WincklerRon Winckler

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