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Kim Gainer

Actor and burlesque performer who has been featured in many Caps Lock Theatre productions.
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KATG 2190: Animal Planet

with Kim Gainer and Scott Rogowsky – The Cove, Blackfish, and the treatment of dolphins and whales by water shows such as SeaWorld; the mistreatment of dogs; Tom Hardy’s embarrassing MySpace posts; Chet Haze further defends his use of the n-word; Jen Kirkman’s Louis C.K. podcast is deleted; Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar knew about the molestation 16 months before doing anything about it; Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner; burlesque June 4, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Genderfuck: Kim Gainer and Scott Rogowsky are in studio
  • — Performing Whales: Keith watched Blackfish and now the planned Keith and The Girl Whale Show seems in poor taste
  • — Sponsored By ASPCA: A dog died in a Petco drying station - not for the first time - because the groomer left to go to a graduation. A man will be eligible for a maximum of 5 years in prison after his dog was discovered abandoned and with its snout taped closed.
  • — Dumb Max: Tom Hardy posted a bunch of embarrassing words and pictures on MySpace as a 31-year-old man
  • — Nincompoop: After releasing a written statement about why he gets to say the n-word, Chet Haze put out a video to further illustrate his point. Kim, a woman of color, isn't pleased.
  • — This Isn't Fun Anymore: Jen Kirkman’s entire hour episode of her podcast where she uses 1 minute to call out Louis C.K. (without naming him) has been deleted
  • — More Good News: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sat on the knowledge that their then-14-year-old son was molesting their then-5-year-old daughter for 16 months and 3 separate confessions before going to the authorities. Fox's Megyn Kelly vows to be 'tough but fair' while interviewing the family.
  • — Appetite For Destruction: Caitlyn Jenner, whose own mother will still call her Bruce, claims she was mistreated by her 3rd wife Kris. Keith thinks Caitlyn destroyed all of her ex-wives' lives by marrying them with the knowledge that she wasn't really male. Lauren, a transgender male, calls in with his perspective. Caitlin is also the subject of a new petition demanding her Olympic gold medals be revoked, and her golf handicap as Bruce will no longer be recognized now that she's Caitlin.
  • — T&Art: Kim performs burlesque as an alter-ego named Ms. Minty

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