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Songwriter/musician who edited Keith's first DVD and on whose album Chemda sang.
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KATG 57: voodoolulu

That's not weird. Continue. Continue, please. She makes everything a big deal. May 20, 2005

Show Notes

  • — Respect: voodoolulu, musician and editor of the gem DVD Coming of Age, is in studio
  • — Chedva: Chemda explains her and her brothers' names
  • — Swooping In: Keith makes everything sexual, like Chemda and lulu's relationship
  • — Voodoodoodoo: Chemda used to call lulu immature names
  • — No Happy Endings To Lulu Stories: lulu talks about getting guys off over the phone and how long it takes them to finish
  • — Public First Class Malley: Keith got laid and did drugs a lot in while he was in the military
  • — Behind The Scenes: Lulu requests something be removed from the show, but we'll never ever know what it was
  • — Repressed: Keith's brother, who is now a priest, once cut a hole in a mattress and had sex with it and Keith waited until he was 18 to masturbate
  • — The Story Of My Hands: Chemda was going to hook lulu up with somebody, but she decided to masturbate instead
  • — We're All Stars: lulu is offended by Keith's tossed off definition of a porn actress as a 'whore'



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