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Comedian who has appeared on the Game Show Network and QPTV.
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KATG 2526: Chemda's Birthday Spectacular 2016

with Chaz Kangas and Calvin Cato – Sharron Paul co-hosts: Being a game show contestant; Calvin’s political anger and Donald Trump’s admiration of a sexy 12-year-old Paris Hilton; the top 10 highest paid musicians; Chaz’s Christmas song and on-the-spot raps; U-God sues Wu-Tang Clan; Nickelback played to punish drunk drivers; Lady Gaga as an NYU student; Boiling Points; 1 million Android phones hacked; Chaz vs. nuts December 2, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Chappy Birthday Chemda: Chaz Kangas, Calvin Cato, and Guest Host Sharron Paul are in studio for Chemda’s birthday (minus Chemda)
  • — Chain Reaction: Calvin discusses his experiences as a game show contestant
  • — America 2016: A racist on the Internet told Calvin to go back to his home country of Africa. Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump, the man who called her hot when she was 12.
  • — The Mu$ic Indu$try: Taylor Swift is the highest paid musician in the world
  • — A Chaz Kangas Christmas: Chaz treats us to the first Christmas song he ever recorded on its 10-year anniversary
  • — Martin Shkreli Money: U-God is suing the Wu-Tang Clan for royalties to the tune of $2,500,000
  • — The Long Road: The police department in a Canadian town is treating drunk drivers to a Nickelback soundtrack in the car on their way to the drunk tank
  • — I’m Not Dying, I’m Living: Chaz used to be school chums with MTV Boiling Points star Lady Gaga. Keith and Sharron discuss their own appearances on Boiling Points.
  • — Hold The Phone: Nearly 1,000,000 Android phones have been hacked via unsanctioned apps. Is Chaz’s phone okay?
  • — Nut Hands: Chaz is deathly allergic to most nuts, and was almost accidentally killed by his seat mate on an airplane and her nut-caked fingers

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