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Lance Weiss

Comedian who was featured on NBC's The Today Show and was a top-4 finalist in CMT's Next Big Comic.
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KATG 2495: Money to Burn

with Lance Weiss — Joanna Shaw Flamm co-hosts: Lance's relationship with his mom; runaway dad; bad neighborhoods; GoFundMe's 'light money on fire' campaign; USA vs. Russia; baseball vs. football; Keith's new puppy; The Birth of a Nation, 13th, and Denial reviewed October 19, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Jessica Joans: Lance Weiss is in studio for Joanna Shaw Flamm’s second show as Guest Host
  • — Phone Bank Service: According to Lance’s website he appeared on PBS, but he doesn’t even remember what that was
  • — Does Your Mother Respect You?: Lance discusses his relationship with his mother
  • — Daddy Issues: Lance, who is 33, hasn’t talked to his dad since he was 17
  • — True Grit: Lance enjoys being in bad neighborhoods
  • — Burning Down Capitalism: Lance started a GoFundMe so he could literally light money on fire but he didn’t meet his goal of $1,000
  • — That’s Nyet Good: Lance is nervous about a potential war between Russia and the United States
  • — Always The Underdog: Joanna’s favorite sports team is the Minnesota Twins, 'the worst team in baseball.’ Keith doesn’t understand why football schedules are the way they are
  • — Casey Jones And Me: Keith discusses his new puppy
  • — At The Movies With Keith: Keith reviews the films The Birth of a Nation (which he didn’t pay for), 13th, and Denial

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