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Amber Marlow

Photographer and ex-friend of Patrice.
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KATG 1985: Don’t Trust the B---- with No Apartment

With Amber Marlow - A second American flag is flown in KATG's honor, Siri vs. Google, Uber, more stories about Patrice from her victims, Brad Pitt gets punched in the face, Elliot Rodger shoots up UCSB, The Normal Heart, Robert De Niro's dad was gay, Guy Branum vs. Nick Swardson May 29, 2014

Show Notes

  • — KATG vs. The Middle East: CW2 Jason Alexander became the second person to fly the American flag on a combat mission in KATG’s honor
  • — Here’s What I Found: Keith highly recommends the Google app over Apple’s Siri, the gang discusses what each state Googles the most, and Danny explains Benghazi
  • — Life’s Not Fare: Keith and Chemda share their Uber horror stories
  • — Smooth Criminal: Patrice’s criminal activity is further discussed, and another close ex-friend of Patrice’s calls in to discuss how Patrice took extreme advantage of the relationship
  • — It’s A Prank!: Brad Pitt was punched in the face by a ‘prankster’ at the premiere of his wife’s new movie
  • — #YesAllWomen: A university student shot up his campus because he was a virgin and angry at all women for not sleeping with him
  • — AIDS Killed A Lot Of People: Keith reviews The Normal Heart
  • — Love, Guy: Robert De Niro is making a documentary about his dead father, who was gay; comedian Guy Branum called out Nick Swardson for being a closeted comedian who consistently keeps gay people down by portraying them as stereotypes

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