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Hollis James

Co-creator of the Teachers Lounge web series with Ted Alexandro
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KATG 2579: Here Comes Oscar

with Hollis James and Emily Owens – Hollis’s play regarding his cocaine and alcohol abuse; Oscars 2017; fights over movies at home; grammar rules February 27, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Group Effort: Hollis James and Emily Owens, who are married and also work together, are in the studio
  • — Drugs, Please And Thank You: Hollis has a history of cocaine and alcohol abuse, and the couple’s new play tells the story
  • — Oscar, Oscar!: The gang discusses Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue, Mean Tweets, general celebrity silliness, and the Best Picture shocker
  • — To Hurt Me: Keith discusses the fights that he and his wife have over watching movies at home
  • — Bringing Two Periods To An Ellipsis Fight: Keith schools those of you with your own grammar rules

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