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Billy Wayne Davis

Comedian best known for his appearances on truTV and his self-titled album, which was one of Paste Magazine's top 10 comedy albums of 2012.
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KATG 2249: Trippy Country

with Billy Wayne Davis – Stand-up comedians opening for bands; medical marijuana and ADHD medication; pharmaceutical raises AIDS medication by 5,500%; KATG in San Francisco; Keith’s classmates’ facelifts; Keith’s new crippled life; left-handed people are possessed by Satan; the most obese nations; killing your spouse on vacation and disemboweling a lover; knowingly spreading salmonella; Yom Kippur September 23, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Here’s You Taking A Shit: Billy Wayne Davis, who Keith follows on Instagram, is in studio
  • — Boo: Billy talks about dealing with hecklers while opening for musician Sturgill Simpson
  • — The Nirvana Clinic: Expired medical marijuana cardholder Billy loves pot and wants it to be federally legalized, even if it’s hard to explain what that means. The gang discusses taking ADHD medication without ADHD.
  • — Rainy Day AIDS Fund: A former hedge fund manager whose company bought the AIDS drug Daraprim is defending his decision to raise the price per pill (whose production costs $1) from $13.50 to $750 – a 5,500 percent increase
  • — Marga Gomez calls in to discuss her upcoming appearance on the #KATGTour’s stop in San Francisco’s Cobb’s Comedy Club
  • — Stop Fixing Your Face: Keith has a message for his former female classmates
  • — I Would Love To Be Just A Stump: Wendy, Danny, and Chemda came up with some positive effects of Keith’s bum knees
  • — The Right Way: An Oklahoma preschool teacher told one of her left-handed students that left-handed people are evil, sinister, and possessed by Satan
  • — Fast Food World: America is only the 11th most obese nation, behind the likes of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Belize. Billy, who was recently in the Middle East, can confirm how fat everyone is over there.
  • — Love Is In The Air: A man pushed his second wife off a cliff while celebrating their anniversary in a case that’s similar to how his first wife died. A Florida man disemboweled his girlfriend through her vagina when she called her ex’s name during sex.
  • — Why Isn’t That Life?: The CEO of a peanut corporation was sentenced to 28 years in jail for knowingly distributing peanut butter tainted with salmonella
  • — Celebrate By Sucking Off A Baby Dick: Happy Yom Kippur from Keith and The Girl

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