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Comedian and host of the Lady to Lady podcast.
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KATG 2139: Wet Dreams May Cum

with Brandie Posey – Burning down the house; Sharknado 3; Pornhub’s masturbatory gadget; 2 new Bill Cosby rape victims; new NYC mohel circumcision policies; advice for visiting Israel; Is being Jewish a race?; Fanta celebrates Nazism; penis reduction surgery; Artichoke Pizza; woman shoots husband thinking he’s an intruder; Would you disown your killer child?; Chris Brown’s new baby; Pimp My Ride was fake March 4, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Girl Talk: Brandie Posey, host of the Lady to Lady podcast, is in studio
  • — Wet Dream: Keith had a very realistic dream (that he doesn’t remember waking up from) where he broke a glass and spilled water on the floor, which helped him solve the dilemma of the similarly realistic monster he saw as a kid
  • — Business Adventures: Keith almost burned his apartment down while his wife was away on business
  • — Pet Sematary: Brandie recently met her father’s bad-influence friends and their taxidermied animals
  • — The Third One: Sharknado will get a second sequel, but not in time for Keith to enjoy it while his wife is out of town this weekend
  • — Wankband: Pornhub announced a new wrist gadget that generates electricity while its wearers masturbate
  • — Gag Order: 2 new Bill Cosby rape victims have come forward
  • — That Sucks: NYC's new circumcision policy scraps both parental consent forms and preemptive mohel STD checks
  • — Keepin' Israel: Chemda gives a listener advice on her upcoming first trip to Israel. Keith and a friend’s anti-Semitic friend got into an argument over whether or not being Jewish counts as a race.
  • — Soda Makes Me Gassy: Coca-Cola released a video for Fanta's 75th birthday, celebrating its birthplace in 1940s Nazi Germany
  • — Humblebrag: A 17-year-old became the first person to get a penis reduction because his football-shaped dick made it impossible to have sex or play sports. The average penis length and circumference is 5 and 3 inches respectively.
  • — Well Done: The $4.50 slice Keith got at Artichoke Pizza's new Astoria location was almost as unsatisfactory as the service
  • — Shotgun Wedding: A woman shot her soldier husband in the chest through their bedroom door because she thought he was an intruder
  • — Rescue Kid: 50% of the audience would disown their 11-year-old child after they beat a 2-month-old to death. Chris Brown is the proud father of a 9-month-old baby.
  • — Xzibit A: Pimp My Ride was revealed to be fake, with cars breaking down or bursting into flames and extravagant amenities being removed once the cameras stopped rolling
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Brandie PoseyBrandie Posey

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