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The creator of Quiet Events and its Quiet Clubbing parties.
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KATG 2016: Shake It Off

With Will Petz – Quiet Events and Quiet Clubbing; douche bros in a club; excommunication; the controversial professor’s comments on unconscious rape; James Garner dies; Israel vs. Palestine; Russia shoots down a Malaysian passenger airliner that Jason Biggs jokes about; Gisele Bündchen is still the #1 supermodel; Johnny Utah’s revisited; a police officer gets pizza pranked July 21, 2014

Show Notes

  • — On The Green Channel: Will Petz, the genius behind the Quiet Events, is in studio
  • — Plugged In: Will talks about the other headphone events he’s masterminded, like a flash-mob party and a romantic play where the man’s thoughts are broadcast on one channel and the woman’s on another
  • — Is That Your Girl?: Keith recorded an episode of My Name Is Keith with Ali May, where he didn’t even have to yell at her but got her so drunk that he literally paralyzed her
  • — Handshaker From Way Back: Keith encountered a rude group of people at a party, and he was ready to throw punches
  • — It's A Girl: A 44-year-old Chinese man checked into a hospital with stomach pain and discovered he was really a woman
  • — Checking In With The Fans: KATG Tattoo #135 and a person becoming excommunicated from God for being gay
  • — Raping The Benefits: As it turns out, the professor Ari Shaffir mentioned was not saying that unconscious rape victims suffer less than conscious rape victims, he was actually saying that raping an unconscious person shouldn’t be illegal because they wouldn’t realize it anyway
  • — R.I.P. Jamie Gardener: James Garner, of Maverick and The Rockford Files fame, died at 86
  • — Future Soap Hockey Rink: Chemda’s parents are caught up in the crossfire of the latest Israel/Palestine missile attacks
  • — Too Soon: Russia shoots down a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet, and Jason Biggs causes an uproar joking about it
  • — Soccer’s Over: Another listener writes in to tell Keith how wrong he is about soccer, and Gisele Bündchen is the top-earning supermodel for 7 years in a row with $386,000,000. (She makes considerably more than husband Tom Brady.)
  • — Here’s What That Reminds Me Of: Will has taken people on organized tours to Johnny Utah’s for mechanical bull riding. Guess where this leads to...
  • — Cheesed Off: A man ordered 5 pizzas to the police officer who arrested him while he was being processed in the police station


Will PetzWill Petz

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