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Daliya Karnofsky

Comedian and actress known for her web series and live show And She Bakes.
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KATG 2070: That's the Spirit

With Daliya Karnofsky and Adam Peltier – Why redheads aren’t trusted; Beyoncé’s bangs and the poll results; couples’ euthanasia pacts; Ron and Fez; what it means to be spiritual; having virtual sex; staying with your lover’s relatives October 17, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Lovebirds: Daliya Karnofsky and her boyfriend Adam Peltier, both real redheads, are in studio
  • — The Numbers Don't Lie: Beyoncé's new haircut makes the same amount of KATG's listeners want to murder as it did last year
  • — In It For The Long Haul: Daliya and Adam, despite only dating for 4 months, are very much in love and have already made a euthanasia pact for when they're too old to function
  • — And Fez?: KATG visits The Ron and Fez Show
  • — When You Know, You Know: What does it mean to be spiritual? 22% of KATG's audience believes that Adam is The One for Daliya.
  • — May The Best Man Win: 56% of the fan base agrees with Keith regarding his thoughts on The Snappening, while, more specifically, 62% agree with Keith that showing your privates on Snapchat and showing them on Skype is not the same thing. Adam and Daliya don't have virtual sex when they're apart.
  • — Feet-al Flaw: Adam's favorite physical thing about Daliya is her nose, and Daliya's least favorite physical thing about Adam are his weird toenails
  • — Getting Spiritual: Daliya and Adam are staying with Daliya's relatives in NYC

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