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Frank Conniff

Comedian, actor and writer best known for his work on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Invader Zim.
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KATG 2024: Book It

With Frank Conniff – MST3K; celebrities charging money at conventions and what they make; Kevin Smith is on the outs with Ben Affleck; Dustin “Screech” Diamond; convention groupie sex; engaging strangers with jokes; Jenny McCarthy’s son calls the cops on her, repeatedly; the NYPD chokehold; recent KATG polls and politics; President Warren G. Harding, pervert; Orlando Bloom punches Justin Bieber over Miranda Kerr July 31, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Reminder: Frank Conniff, who is here for real this time, is in studio
  • — Mystery Snark Theater 3000: Frank was a cast member of the cult show Mystery Science Theater 3000, and he reveals that he and his fellow bullies never got any hassle from the people involved in the movies they were making fun of
  • — Sign Me Up: Frank has only charged for signing autographs at one convention, where he made $700 in a day
  • — Chicks Ruin Everything: Kevin Smith revealed that he and Ben Affleck have not been ‘tight in decades’ because Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner ‘don’t care for’ Kevin
  • — HA HA: Frank’s first job in Los Angeles was writing for a show Dustin Diamond was on, where Screech dissed him after not understanding a joke Frank wrote
  • — Porkin' Frank: Frank hasn’t dated anyone lately, and talks about the difference between groupie sex and sex with a person you care about
  • — Noted: Keith and Frank are both uncomfortable with engaging strangers in their personal lives
  • — Maybe A Vaccine Could Fix This: Jenny McCarthy’s son loves calling the cops on his mom
  • — So They Couldn't Breathe Into The Mic?: The NYPD has been using illegal chokeholds to restrain people for bizarre crimes such as selling loose cigarettes and barbecuing on the sidewalk, with at least one fatal result
  • — The Numbers Are In: 8% of KATG’s listeners sleepwalk; 59% have allergies; 18% have OCD; 47% believe successful politicians are evil by definition, which Frank disagrees with
  • — Oh, Jerry: More than 1,000 pages of handwritten sexy letters former president Warren G. Harding wrote to his mistress in the early 20th century have been released
  • — In Bloom ('s Face): Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber for making a snide remark about his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. After the incident, Justin posted a picture of the ex on Instagram before immediately taking it down.


Frank ConniffFrank Conniff

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