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Jordan Rock

Younger brother of comedians Chris and Tony, best known for being the subject of the documentary Ladies and Gentlemen, Jordan Rock
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KATG 2043: Rock of Ages

With Jordan Rock – Comics bumping other comics; Miley Cyrus’ VMAs date wanted by the law; growing up in Chris Rock’s shadow; small town vs. NYC; faking death to get out of a wedding; Darren Wilson’s racist background; Times Square costume characters picket; 9-year-old kills shooting instructor; Madden 15 and online playing; the DTs August 28, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Rock Stars: Jordan Rock, who is constantly bumped by Jim Gaffigan but never his own brother Chris, is in studio
  • — At Least Jail Is Inside: Miley Cyrus brought a homeless person as her date to the VMAs who happened to have a warrant out for his arrest in his hometown
  • — He's Getting There: Jordan talks about working as a stand-up under the shadow of his 2 brothers
  • — Life In The Fast Lane: Inspired by the latest What's My Name episode, the gang talks about life in small towns compared to life in NYC
  • — Victim Blaming: 53% of KATG's listeners think Chemda is too empathetic, and 57% believe leaning your seat back on an airplane is A-OK
  • — Til 'Death': A man impersonating his own father called his fiancée to tell her that 'his son' had killed himself and can’t marry her
  • — Mugshirt: A criminal in Somerset, PA showed up at court to serve his time in a shirt featuring his own mugshot
  • — Misery: Before getting a job in Ferguson, Darren Wilson was a member of a police force that was disbanded for being extremely racist
  • — Artists United For A Smile: The costumed Times Square characters have unionized and are protesting the NYPD for diminishing their earnings
  • — The Wrong To Bear Arms: A 9-year-old at a shooting range accidentally killed her instructor when she lost control of a fully automatic Uzi
  • — Nice Shot, F*****: Keith gets the new Madden video game and is ready to hear children curse at him
  • — Shaken Up: Jordan stopped drinking 3 weeks ago and suffered from delirium tremens


Jordan RockJordan Rock

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