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Luis J. Gomez

Comedian known for hosting the shows Legion of Skanks and TapouT on Sirius XM and appearing as a frequent guest on You Know What Dude!
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KATG 2054: Law & Order

With Dan Soder and Luis J. Gomez – The NFL fires Rihanna, Ray Rice appeals suspension, Adrian Peterson suspended indefinitely; Luis’ dad’s murder; Daniele Watts vs. The Police; Luis J. Gomez vs. Kelly Fastuca September 18, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Don’t Forget The J: Dan Soder and Luis J. Gomez, as well as Chemda’s impressions of them, are in studio
  • — Jeopardy!: Rihanna’s ‘fuck you’ tweet resulted in the NFL pulling her performance altogether instead of simply rescheduling it for another time. Ray Rice has appealed his suspension, and Adrian Peterson's own suspension was reinstated.
  • — He Died A Hero: Luis' dad was murdered, probably because of gang-related activity, but his mom told him he was trying to fend off a mugging
  • — Daddy's Girl: Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was not detained for being black and making out with her husband, it turns out, but for fucking him in public and refusing to give the police her ID
  • — Butt Of The Joke: Luis and Dan give their sides of Kelly Fastuca's beef with Luis on You Know What Dude!, including her manipulative nature. Also, 63% of KATG's audience thinks it's not wrong to masturbate while your wife is in labor.

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