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Nick Padilla

Comedian, storyteller, and co-host of the show ASS: Antagonist Storytelling Series
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KATG 2060: Antagonist Storytelling

With Nick Padilla – Sucking your own penis; baby’s first orgy; eating dog; a teacher’s gun accidentally goes off September 30, 2014

Show Notes

  • — In The Nick Of Time: Nick Padilla, a very funny comedian, is in studio
  • — It Was Awful: Nick successfully sucked his own dick when he was 12, which he immediately bragged about to all of his friends (who were making fun of him for taking ballet classes)
  • — There Was So Much Cum On The Floor: Nick went to a hand-job and fingering orgy where he got too competitive during a jerking off contest
  • — Human Kibble: Nick visited the Laotian countryside specifically to eat cooked dog, which he enjoyed enough to consider eating his own dog
  • — Fired: A teacher in Utah injured herself when her legally concealed handgun went off in the bathroom at her school


Nick PadillaNick Padilla

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