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Jackie Martling

Comedian and former head writer for The Howard Stern Show banned from KATG for sexually harrassing Chemda, including grabbing her ass
Jackie Martling has been on 2 shows

KATG 2211: Jacking Off

with Jackie Martling – President Donald Trump; befriending Paul McCartney; Jackie’s Joke Hunt cancelled; Jackie breaks up with his girlfriend while staying friends with his ex-wife; defriending Howard Stern; Patti Lupone, Broadway crusader; the middle finger in class pictures; Sinead O’Connor vs. Kim Kardashian; 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman walker demands more money; The Cosby Show cast member says Bill Cosby is guilty; Chris Brown’s house robbed; Forrest Gump and To Kill a Mockingbird’s Atticus Finch now racist July 16, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Freewheelin’: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling visits the studio for the second time
  • — Who Are They Polling?: Jackie is terrified of the prospect of President Donald Trump, who is #1 in the polls
  • — I’d Bury Him: Jackie firmly believes that, if given the chance to tell jokes to Paul McCartney, he and Paul would be the best of friends
  • — The Crowd Just Ate It Alive: Jackie’s Joke Hunt was surprise-cancelled after 8 years, and Jackie has no idea why. However, he has started a new weekly live show with heavy audience participation that he’s very excited about.
  • — Mediation: Jackie just broke up with his girlfriend, but he’s on good terms with his ex-wife Nancy, whom he credits with making his career happen
  • — Howard, I’m In The Book: Jackie is still friends with everyone he’s ever been pals with except for Howard Stern
  • — Patti Luphone: 6 years after she stopped a performance to yell at audience members taking pictures, Patti Lupone confiscated a theatergoer’s phone while remaining in character. A 19-year-old climbed on stage before another Broadway show started and plugged his phone into a prop power outlet. Even Madonna enjoys being on her phone during plays.
  • — It’s Very Subtle: Jackie shares the story of his infamous middle finger class photo
  • — Nothing Compares 2 U: Sinead O’Connor was not pleased to see Kim Kardashian on the cover of Rolling Stone
  • — Come On, Pretty Pretty: The star of the viral 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman catcalling video is suing the director of the video, the production company, YouTube, and Google for $500,000 because she believes she deserves more money for her work
  • — Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!: Joseph Phillips, best known as Denise Huxtable’s husband on The Cosby Show, has accepted that Bill Cosby is a rapist
  • — His No Good-Ass Friends: A group of armed, masked men broke into Chris Brown’s house while he was gone and locked his aunt in a closet. Chris’ mother believes it was an inside job.
  • — Stay Away From Sequels: In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird follow-up, once-progressive southern lawyer Atticus Finch is revealed to be a racist. Keith was dismayed to discover that Forrest Gump is also racist in his sequel.
  • — Internment Camps: Donald Trump unwittingly tweeted a picture of his face superimposed against a stock image of money and Nazi soldiers before blaming it on an intern
  • — We Wheely Want You: Jackie thinks Keith and Chemda didn’t want him on the show, even though he was booked and confirmed many times

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