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Mehran Khaghani

Comedian featured on NBC'S Last Comic Standing and a regular at the Comedy Cellar
Mehran Khaghani has been on 11 shows

KATG 2942: The Good Fight w/ Mehran Khaghani

The dating scene then and now; Keith takes poppers; Keith & Mehran; token gay friends; Mehran's drinking and nose surgery; self-sabotage; 2018 Emmy Awards; feminism throughout history; Julie Chen Moonves; celebrating BlacKkKlansman September 20, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Tumultuous Times: We have Mehran Khaghani in studio during Hurricane Florence to give us an update on his health
  • — The Wagon: Mehran discusses his drinking habits and whether or not they're problematic
  • — Viral Load: Mehran compares the dating scene now to when he was younger
  • — No Cyanide Poisoning For Keith: Keith recently inhaled poppers
  • — Sweep In Like A Vampire: Mehran discusses his desires to hook up with Keith
  • — Tokenism: People often try and make Mehran their “gay friend as if he were a clothing accessory
  • — Take A Punch: Mehran recounts the incident that lead to him breaking his nose and the subsequent surgery
  • — Burn It To The Ground: The gang discusses the various impulses and desires to wreck their own lives
  • — Emmy Roundup: Keith lists the winners of the 2018 Emmy Awards, and the gang discusses the show and the included wedding proposal
  • — Women Had Voices: Mehran discusses the previous historical periods of feminism and his problem with current feminist rhetoric
  • — Julie Chen Moonves: Big Brother host Julie Chen has made the decision to publicly stand by her husband, accused sexual assaulter Les Moonves
  • — Brutal: Keith and Mehran discuss their love for the movie BlacKkKlansman

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