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Liza Treyger

Comedian best known for her web series How Many Questions and being named as one of Comedy Central's Comics to Watch.
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KATG 2090: Your Pad or Mine?

With Megan Gailey and Liza Treyger – Sex with football players; tampons vs. pads; oral sex with people you don’t like; creepy apartment supers; Choose Your Own Adventure creator dies; Bill Cosby asked about rape allegations; Ben Roethlisberger’s rape scandal; War Machine laughs in court; Amanda Bynes audio: she want to kill her dad; man blows himself up after family fight November 18, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Kickstart My Heart: KATG announce their new marathon and 10-year-anniversary tour
  • — Friends Of Libby’s: Megan Gailey and Liza Treyger, who know each other from the Chicago comedy scene, are in studio
  • — Full Pads: Megan slept with some professional football players in her day and isn’t shy about pointing them out to her current boyfriend. Chemda and Liza don’t see eye-to-eye on period blood containment technology.
  • — The Basis Of Feminism: Liza is taking a stand against sucking dicks belonging to guys she doesn’t like or won’t make her orgasm. Megan is a big sports fan but doesn’t bring that up in front of men.
  • — Super Creep: Megan and Liza discuss their perverted superintendent
  • — The End: The creator of Choose Your Own Adventure books has died
  • — Jell-O Means No: Bill Cosby appeared on NPR’s Weekend Edition, where he answered questions about his rape allegations with complete silence. Keith isn’t convinced Ben Roethlisberger is a rapist because he hasn’t seen enough evidence.
  • — Guilty Machine: War Machine started laughing in court during his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack's testimony about his sexual and physical abuse
  • — What A Girl Wants: Amanda Bynes was recorded saying she would love to kill her dad
  • — Going Nuclear: A German man blew himself up outside of his family’s house after having an argument with them

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