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Tate Donovan

Actor best known for his roles in Damages, The O.C., Argo, and as the title role in Disney's Hercules.
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KATG 2096: The Whole Nine Yards

With Tate Donovan – How KATG saves lives; Tate’s dating history; Fireball Whisky contains antifreeze; new Bill Cosby victim; Tate’s drug use; Tate’s brother, AIDS nurse; caught trying to blow yourself; John Grisham defends viewers of child porn; Jose Conseco lied about his finger falling off November 26, 2014

Show Notes

  • — False Modesty: Emmy Award winner Tate Donovan is in studio
  • — Dream Keith Is A Genius: A listener wrote in to tell KATG how much they helped her through an extended abusive relationship and how the gang ended up in her apocalyptic dream
  • — Web Of Lies: Tate dated Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, but they were never engaged despite what the Internet says
  • — Antifreeze Burn: A shipment of Fireball Whisky meant for the U.S. was recalled in European countries because Europe is more strict about what harmful ingredients it will allow in its alcohol
  • — New Allegations Coming To Light: Tate once operated the lighting for Bill Cosby, who coincidentally has another drugged victim coming forward
  • — Dirty Boy: Lara Flynn Boyle would have had Tate go down on her but he showered too regularly
  • — RIPot: Tate has done every drug out there except for heroin and meth, but his favorites are mushrooms and weed. 2 deaths that have been linked to marijuana use.
  • — Chemda's New Favorite Person: Tate has had sexual relations with Lauren Graham, also known as Lorelai Gilmore
  • — Saint Donovan: Tate's brother is a nurse at a hospice run by nuns, and before that he was one of the first AIDS nurses
  • — That Sucks: Tate tried to blow himself when he was a teenager but got caught by his friend's mom in the shower
  • — Sweet 16: Author John Grisham tried to defend viewers of child porn by saying most don't deserve to be sent to jail 'like a bunch of perverts'
  • — What Else Isn't Going On: Jose Canseco lied about his reattached middle finger falling off
  • — A Sobering Experience: Tate learned the hard way not to show up to film shoots drunk and unprepared


Tate DonovanTate Donovan

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