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Nore Davis

Comedian best known for his appearances on Boardwalk Empire and Inside Amy Schumer.
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KATG 2973: South Park Susan w/ Nore Davis

Why your kids don’t google you; tattoos; Kanye West leaves politics; 50 Cent buys out 200 front row tickets at rival Ja Rule’s show; South Park Susan; Columbian nun becomes famous porn star; woman who fucked 20 ghosts gets engaged to one; how to rob a house November 6, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Where Babies Come From: We have Nore Davis in studio discussing what it’s like to raise a child
  • — Forever: Nore weighs in on Chemda’s new tattoo idea and explains his multiple meaningless tattoos
  • — Yeezy Does It: Kayne West made a statement saying he was leaving the political world to focus more on his music
  • — Petty AF: Rapper 50 Cent bought 200 front row tickets to Ja Rule’s concert so that they would be empty. Comic Jay Mohr pulled a similar stunt on fellow comedian Craig Gass.
  • — 911 As Customer Service: 51-year-old white North Carolina woman Susan Westwood lost her job after footage came out of her drunkenly ranting and threatening two black women in a parking lot
  • — Old Habits Die Hard: After 8 years in a convent, Colombian nun Yudi Pineda decided to change careers and become a porn star
  • — What If She’s Right?: 30-year-old Bristol woman Amethyst Realm claims she has had sex with at least 20 ghosts since she was a teenager and is now engaged to a ghost that she met while visiting Australia
  • — Great Cover: 2 Canadian women were busted for breaking into a home. It turned out they worked for a cleaning service and went to the wrong address by mistake. This gives Keith ideas.


Nore DavisNore Davis

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