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Sue Smith

Comedian known for her podcast Tits & Giggles and for being named one of Time Out NY's 10 Funniest Women in NYC
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KATG 2104: Pudding Out

With Sue Smith – All-women comedy; ballet; vegetarians that eat meat; waiting to be proposed to; re-wearing dresses; Kim Kardashian believes God punished her; changing your gender without surgery; a sex offender wins the lottery; Bill Cosby’s victims on CNN; mental OCD; tipping; inappropriate defecation December 11, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Girl Talk: Sue Smith, host of the ladies-only podcast Tits & Giggles and a ladies-only open mic, is in studio
  • — Pleasantly Surprised: Sue was named one of NYC’s 10 funniest women by Time Out NY, which surprised her mother
  • — Black Sue-wan: Sue took ballet for years but wasn’t good at it as shown by her non-mangled feet
  • — Don’t Have A Cow: Sue, a vegetarian, eats chicken and bacon
  • — Shout Out: Sue has been in a relationship for 5 years, and she would immediately marry her boyfriend if he asked
  • — Never Be Royal: Kate Middleton had the gall to be photographed wearing a dress she’d already worn twice
  • — The Book Of Kim: Kim Kardashian believes the weight she gained while pregnant was God’s way of punishing her for her knowing how sexy she is
  • — Good News For Bruce Jenner: Transgender New Yorkers no longer have to go through genital reassignment surgery to legally change their genders
  • — There Is No God: A convicted sex offender won the lottery 15 years after he was convicted of sexual battery against a 9-year-old
  • — Bill Me Later: 5 of Bill Cosby’s victims sat down with CNN to discuss their experiences, while another victim filed a defamation lawsuit against him because his team's repeated denials branded her a liar. Keith thinks Cosby’s wife Camille isn’t the victim that people are making her out to be.
  • — Are You A Messed Up Person?: Sue suffers from the kind of OCD that plagues her with constant negative thoughts, and KATG’s audience is exactly split on whether Keith or Chemda has a better shot at fixing them
  • — You Keep That: Keith wonders if he accidentally came off as an asshole when he was trying to do a good thing for the person who did his laundry. Sue is a classic over-tipper.
  • — Shit Show: The majority of KATG’s listeners think Myka Fox will melt down first on the tour bus with Keith, Chemda, and Danny tied for second. Sue is shocked at the places Keith has relieved himself.


Sue SmithSue Smith

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