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KATG 2285: Follow the Money

with Mike Guild and Kerryn Feehan – Substance abuse and stand-up comedy; Kerryn’s new romance(?) and married sex; America and Israel are behind ISIS; Adele’s 25 first week sales: 3.38 million; body issues and ballet December 9, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Lit Up: Mike Guild and Kerryn Feehan, who have substance issues, are in studio
  • — Tripping: Kerryn recently did a show where all the performers have to take mushrooms
  • — On The Reg: Kerryn is currently having great, consistent sex on top of cop cars with a comedian she’s not ‘dating’ but is in love with. After listening to Kerryn, Mike is happy he’s married.
  • — Follow The Money: Mike shares his beliefs that God exists and ISIS is controlled by the United States
  • — Movie Goodnight: Mike discusses his decision to end his show Movie Night with Mike
  • — Hello: Adele sold 3.38 million copies of her new album in its first week, setting a new record
  • — I Eat So Much Coffee: Kerryn attributes any body issues and eating disorders she may have to ballet, which she performed for 10 years
  • — Cape Cop: Mike and Kerryn discuss their Christmas family plans

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