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Eric Schaeffer

Writer and director best known for his Showtime series I Can't Believe I'm Still Single
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KATG 2128: Is Keith Okay?

With Eric Schaeffer – Boy Meets Girl; failing suicide; dating as a celebrity; being a cab driver; Groundhog Day; Super Bowl XLIX, related conspiracies, Katy Perry’s halftime show, and the million-dollar commercials; Johnny “Football” Manziel enters rehab; the fakeness of pageants; Bobbi Kristina Brown and her brother/husband; Val Kilmer dying February 2, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Eric Meets KATG: Eric Schaeffer, director of the film Boy Meets Girl, about a transgender woman, is in studio
  • — Gravity: Eric created a TV series about people who failed at killing themselves
  • — I Can’t Believe He’s Still Single: There are numerous online reports about Eric being a douche to his female suitors, but he discounts them as salacious reporting
  • — Shit Luck: Eric shares stories of some of the horrible fares he picked up as an NYC cab driver
  • — When Do We Kill This Animal?: Punxsutawney Phil is forecasting 6 more weeks of winter after he was threatened with the death penalty by an Ohio lawyer for predicting the weather wrong too many times
  • — Pass Fail: The Seattle Seahawks lost Super Bowl XLIX to the New England Patriots with a very bad last-minute play that already has a conspiracy theory. Katy Perry’s halftime show and the commercials were too fake and too sad, respectively.
  • — Johnny Drinking Problem: Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel will be checking himself into rehab
  • — Such As: A listener with experience in the pageant circuit writes in to confirm how fake the question and answer segment is
  • — Brother Love: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s husband, Nick Gordon, was raised as a son by her mother Whitney Houston since he was 12
  • — Real Genius: Val Kilmer's Christian Science beliefs are preventing him from getting medical treatment for his tumor

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