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Will Miles

Comedian who has performed at New York Comedy Festival and was featured on Steve Martin's Master Class.
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KATG 2784: Keith Malley is a Slut

with Mehran Khaghani and Will Miles – Keith’s updated looks; the benefits of psychedelics; forgiveness; witchcraft; sexual assault and free speech; social struggles; Dave Chappelle’s The Bird Revelation January 7, 2018

Show Notes

  • — New Year, New Keith: Mehran Khaghani and Will Miles are in studio commenting on how fuckable Keith looks
  • — Trippin’: The gang discusses their time on acid and mushrooms and the lessons they’ve learned
  • — Family Ties: Mehran recounts his last conversation with his father before he passed away while Will’s father just finished his final round of chemotherapy
  • — The Priestess: Mehran sincerely discusses the benefits of witchcraft
  • — Echo Chamber: Mehran gives his perspective on the Louis C.K. allegations and its effect on free speech
  • — Atypical: Will discusses his struggles with socializing and how comedy helped him break out of his shell
  • — The Bird Revelation: Mehran tries to explain the hooker analogy that Dave Chappelle made in his last special

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