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KATG 2613: 2017 24-Hour Marathon: The Beginning

with Andrea Allan, Kevin Allison, and Dana Rossi — Keith’s annual stand-up show and the 24-hour marathon; Julia Roberts is the most beautiful woman in the world; Keith’s birthday card; Kevin’s sexual kinks; Dana’s workplace creep; ridiculous trends April 19, 2017

Show Notes

  • — We Are All A Bit Loopy: Keith, Chemda, and Andrea are in studio, running on fumes and recounting the 24-hour marathon
  • — The Title Is The Hardest Part: The gang talks about the April 15th show, Chemda talks stoner humor, Andrea rolls on the floor, and Keith does normal stand-up like a square
  • — The World’s Most Beautiful Woman: People magazine knows that Julia Roberts is currently the most beautiful woman in the world
  • — Prop Comedy: The KATGathon photobooth was wildly successful thanks to Andrea’s abundance of goofy props from her own wardrobe
  • — Keith’s A Big Baby: Keith’s parents sent Keith a child’s birthday card while adding cash and a guilt trip
  • — Record Store Day: Chemda’s Conjure One album is being re-released this Saturday, April 22nd
  • — A Real Pisser: Kevin Allison kicks things off, and, in front of her mother, Kevin gets Keith quizzing 20-year-old birthday girl Alicia Jones about sex and how she was raised
  • — Workplace Harassment: Dana Rossi recounts her fight with a workplace creep when she was a production assistant on a TV show
  • — Let Me See That Thong: Chemda saw Sisqó in concert when she was a teen. The gang talks about the ridiculous trends that they followed.

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