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Brooke Van Poppelen

Comedian, host of truTV's Hack My Life, and co-creator of the web series Seeing Other People
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KATG 2140: Hack My Life

with Brooke Van Poppelen – Hack My Life; @midnight; Girl Code; Keith vs. Artichoke Pizza; customers vs. waiters; KATG causes panic attacks; Keith and Cat vs. their landlord; personally observing Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s new family; vaccinations; Seth Rogen’s old office needs renovated due to weed smell March 5, 2015

Show Notes

  • — What A Hack: Brooke Van Poppelen, host of truTV’s Hack My Life, is in studio
  • — Good POINTS!: Brooke appeared on @midnight and believes that she came in last place because she was the new girl
  • — Did You Guys Sync Up?: Brooke discusses her duties as writer and producer for the first 2 seasons of MTV’s Girl Code
  • — Won’t Get Burned Again: Keith continues his vendetta against Artichoke Pizza after discovering that Danny’s slice of pizza wasn’t charred like his was. 37% of KATG’s listeners don’t have access to by-the-slice pizza.
  • — The Waiter Is Usually Wrong: Brooke, a former server, commiserates with Keith and Chemda’s customer service woes
  • — Ew-daism: A KATG listener almost died after having a panic attack in his car because he couldn’t handle hearing about herpes-infected mohels and the threat they pose to babies. Brooke shares her own experience with panic attacks.
  • — No Problem!: Keith’s landlord tried to increase the rent on Cat's work space without providing necessary repairs
  • — Shots!: On their way back to New York from Hawaii, Chemda and Lauren encountered anti-vaccination spokesperson Jenny McCarthy and her husband Donnie Wahlberg ignoring Jenny's autistic son. More than 500 Pakistani parents were arrested for not vaccinating their children against Polio.
  • — Greener Pastures: A DEA agent is warning that legalizing medical marijuana will lead to an infestation of stoned animals. Sony needs to renovate Seth Rogen’s old office before its new tenant can move in because the stench of pot is so overpowering.
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