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Kyle Ayers

Comedian best known as the live-tweeter of #roofbreakup and the host of First Comes Love and as a contributor to Comedy Central's Roasts.
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KATG 2747: Casting Couch

with Kyle Ayers and Andrea Allan – Not knowing when you’re awake; edible overdoses; giving edibles to kids for Halloween; Jigsaw and Thank You for Your Service reviewed; Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp calls Kevin Spacey out for attempted pedophilia and Spacey’s disgusting non-apology; Louis C.K.’s new age-inappropriate sexual movie amid predatory allegations; Marilyn Manson fired Twiggy Ramirez over a rape allegation from Jack Off Jill’s Jessicka Addams; Annabella Sciorra’s rape by Harvey Weinstein; Selma Blair sexually assaulted by director James Toback; Andrea Allan on rape and predators in the comedy industry November 1, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Welcome Back: Kyle Ayers, who just moved to L.A., is in studio
  • — Sleepwalk With Me: Kyle gives an update on his sleep disorder and how he places obstacles in his own way to recovery
  • — Edible Arrangements: Kyle recounts his experience accidentally eating 4 edibles
  • — The Cool Neighbor: People are worried that stoners are going to give edibles to children for Halloween, and the gang discusses the candy alternatives that they’ve given to children during the holiday
  • — The World We Live In: 59% of listeners do not believe that Keith’s movie reviews are spot-on. Keith corrects them.
  • — The King Of Physical Comedy: Kyle corroborates with Keith on his praise for Jackie Chan in The Foreigner
  • — I’m In So Deep: Keith reviews Jigsaw and Thank You for Your Service
  • — Maybe He Thinks He’s Really The President: Actor Anthony Rapp has spoken out about Kevin Spacey making major sexual advances on him when Kevin was 26 years old and he was 14. The gang reads Kevin’s non-apology.
  • — I Love You, Daddy: Louis C.K. is releasing a new movie about a 17-year-old girl falling in love with an elderly man
  • — You’re Fired: Marilyn Manson has fired his longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez after Jessicka Addams, singer of the band Jack Off Jill, accused Twiggy of rape
  • — Burn The NDAs: Annabella Sciorra came out with detailed accounts of Weinstein raping, blackmailing, and subsequently stalking her. Selma Blair has come out with details of her sexual assault from director James Toback.
  • — There’s No Business Like Show Business: Andrea comes on mic to discuss her experiences outing comedians for rape and navigating the grey areas of sexual assault. Andrea and Chemda discuss the various shady experiences they have had with men in the entertainment industry.

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