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Kyle Ayers

Comedian best known as the live-tweeter of #roofbreakup and the host of First Comes Love and as a contributor to Comedy Central's Roasts.
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KATG 2523: Ball Pit of Despair

with Kyle Ayers – Sharron Paul co-hosts: Aretha Franklin’s hour-long National Anthem; 11-year old Grand Theft Auto-inspired joyride; Republican politician sexted and kissed an underage boy; Donald Trump wishes jail and worse on flag burners; Kyle’s intense sleep deprivation; ghost hunting; catching your significant other fucking in a car; Kanye West’s sleep deprivation meltdown; the similarity between Keith and The Walking Dead’s Negan; people that infect a good time November 29, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Boat Cop Returns: Kyle Ayers is in studio for Guest Host Sharron Paul’s second co-hosting episode
  • — Time Of Possession: Aretha Franklin sang The National Anthem for 4 minutes 35 seconds on Thanksgiving. A college football player’s grandfather’s name is Dick Hammer.
  • — Child's Play: An 11-year-old boy took his parent’s car for a joyride after playing Grand Theft Auto
  • — Gay Old Party: A married Republican politician sexted with an underage boy but swears he isn’t gay
  • — Red Flag: According to President @realDonaldTrump, flag burners should be punished with a year in jail or having their citizenship revoked, despite the Supreme Court ruling twice that flag burning is protected as free speech
  • — Night Moves: Kyle has gone up to 5 days without sleep because of night terrors, and sometimes he can’t differentiate between when he’s awake and when he’s asleep, going so far as to walk along NYC’s subway tracks at night because he thought he was dreaming
  • — Who You Gonna Kyle?: Kyle isn’t sure if he believes in ghosts or not and has had a couple of interesting encounters hunting ghosts
  • — Grand Theft Adultery: When he was in college, Kyle caught his girlfriend having sex with someone else in her car
  • — Speaking Of Sleep: Kanye West was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation. Kyle discusses his own experience in a mental institution.
  • — The Walking Keith: Keith might be a psychopath because he knows everything the psychopath character from The Walking Dead says before he says it
  • — Lessana: After watching Moana in the theater, Keith can’t understand why people walk out of movies they enjoyed before all of the movie has screened

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